Newsletter Quarter 1 2014

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Welcome to the first of the DSRC’s quarterly newsletters. In these newsletters, we’ll give you an update on the DSRC’s activities as well as highlight some of the activities going on in the Amsterdam data science community.  Obviously, you can find the latest on our website and by following us on Twitter – @dsrcnl.


cwiCentrum Wiskunde & Informatica ( has joined the DSRC as a partner. This brings together three of the major research institutions in computer science within Amsterdam to tackle data science. This ensures that the DSRC has access to the wealth of expertise at CWI ranging from user interfaces to data management. The partnership is an example of how the DSRC is bringing together the data science community here in Amsterdam.

Maarten de Rijke – New DSRC Director

We are pleased to announce that Maarten de Rijke will become general director of the DSRC.  Maarten will provide strong recognized leadership to the DSRC going forward. Marcel Worring and Paul Groth will remain as associate directors.

Seed Projects Awarded

One of the aims of the DSRC is to connect researchers across computer science areas to tackle data science problems. To facilitate such connections, a call was placed in late 2013 for seed projects. 20 applications were received. The applications showed the excitement for data science within the community. We were able to award 6 of these projects. The projects range from tackling large-scale temporal analysis of social graphs to machine learning in the web browser. Each project receives support for two student assistants for a year. You can find a list of the projects at As the projects get started, we’ll be featuring both the researchers and students involved. Stay tuned!

Launch Event Successful

dsrc-eventThe DSRC Launch Event drew 90 people and included talks by leading researchers from all of the DSRC’s partners outlining their views on data science as well as demos of data science projects. You can find pictures of the day as well as slides at

New House Style

We have adopted a new house style for the DSRC. This is to provide a unified look for our communication. You can find the details at If you’re involved in DSRC activities, we encourage you to use the templates and logos provided. We also upgraded our website to be in-line with this style. We hope you like the DSRC’s new look.

SIKS Data Science Course

DSRC members, Max Welling and Maarten De Rijke, will be presenting at the SIKS course for PhD students on data science. The course is being held May 11 – 12, 2013. More info: