For the 2014 – 2015, the DSRC will be offering a masters in Artificial Intelligence with a specialization in Data Science. This specialization takes the core Artificial Intelligence curriculum offered by the VU University Amsterdam and a adds a unique data science focus. We have brought together top experts from the multiple institutions that make up the DSRC to create a strong and in-depth data science curriculum.  The course covers all aspects of the data science lifecycle.

Core Data Science Courses

  • Machine Learning: Pattern Recognition – in this course students gain a deep understanding of the principles of machine learning and how to apply them. The course is co-instructed by Max Welling, a world leader in deep learning research.
  • Large Scale Analytical Data Management – this course provides an overview of how to manage large amounts of data for the purpose of analytics and covers topics ranging from Map/Reduce to next generation databases. This course is taught by Peter Bonz, a world leader in database architectures and founder of multiple spin-off companies.
  • Information Visualization –  in this course students learn methodologies to support the process of gaining insight in large and complex datasets by a combination of data analysis, machine learning, and information visualization. The course ends with Show me the Data – a public event where students present their data visualization projects. The course is instructed by Marcel Worring an expert on multimedia analytics.
  • Experimental Design and Data Analysis – this course teaches students how to design statistics based experiments.

Optional Courses

In addition to the above courses, students will have the choice to enrich their data science studies with data management and data analysis courses including advanced information retrieval, natural language processing, dealing with web data, the social web, distributed systems, and web application development.

More Information

For more information about registration and sign-up, please contact the VU’s Artificial Intelligence Masters coordinators.

Couse Overview (preliminary)